Morning Incoherence: Those times you wake up and go… What the?

Andre Louis – Let me Know – at Ajani Grill and Jazz Fri Nov 07, 2014:

nearby to nobody!

Far too bored, clearly!

This is just a concept idea, I have no clue what I’m doing with it. Tidy the house:

Sometimes, toys aren’t just for children. This one is an old classic. Batteries not desired!

#Microsoft or #Apple, do you even know who you work for, you hapless fool?

Take Each Day as it Comes: The breakdown of a 21-track composition first aired on @tbrn:

Sitting withAlice and @MrJake21 so we thought we’d say hi!

presents opening – @mrjake21:

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an English keyboardist/pianist with his own off-the-cuff creative style, makes "copyleft" music for the masses, and is a fun new source of universal entropy.