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Oh logi, why don’t you make toy-cars too? Logitech M705 Wireless Mouse Scroll-Wheel:

Exceptional food at @HixterBankside with @KevinSatizabal – great service, great atmosphere.

Enticed by the food, I went off to play keys in somebody’s garden

Last Saturday, so that’s, uh, the 23rd of May, I was invited to play at a house-party where there was much Barbecue food to be had. In doing so, I had the absolute pleasure of playing keyboard with Linda Muriel who is an amazing personality and a joy to work with. She’s down-to-earth, humble, and can sing up a storm without even trying.
It’s been quite a long time since I was asked on my own merits, to be the keyboard player for something like this, so naturally I was nervous.
We didn’t rehears as there was no time, and I probably talked on the phone more on Friday than I have in several years.
I’d never met these people before, and it’s very easy to be worried about performance when that happens, especially playing in a house.

On Saturday morning I was rehearsing a few things, and I put together a handful of loop ideas because I knew Linda, like me, enjoys jamming. I thought of a few recognisable tracks people *probably* would know and went with it.
Here’s one of them, which I certainly had fun with.
move On Up: A sort of not quite version of it an old Curtis Mayfield track from back in the day I certainly loved as a child, and appreciated way more as an adult. In fact I appreciated it so much, I made my own, custom version of it and we had fun jamming it at the party.
I should also add that along with myself and Linda Muriel was a quite phenomenal guitarist, Mike Collins who I met last year when working with my dad on his album.
That small excerpt was recorded in Mike’s home-studio, where he has many, many many things and gave me some kind of keyboard envy to be honest, but anyway that’s somewhat off-track.
As well as playing Curtis Mayfield, we attempted a bob Marley track, Waiting In Vain but well, that kind of didn’t work out for reasons you’ll hear in this piece.
Linda got side-tracked, the piece took on a mind of it’s own and it was fun.

With all that, and having to make up content on-the-fly you can probably imagine I was tired by the time I got home around midnight. I unpacked my keyboard, copied the recordings from my recorder to the computer for safe-keeping, obviously, had a drink of water and flopped into bed about 1 AM. Yes, it really takes an hour to unpack and do all that. I was meant to attend a party on Sunday but felt too sleepy to do that, so I chilled at home.
Thus ends the unusual tail of barbecue party and keyboard playing that was last Saturday.

Love it or hate it, #Periscope is the new black. what I think it can do for you.

Beauty in Quiet Moments – and a test

Here’s a track.

Along with that, is a split of that track for remixing purposes, to see if anyone can do something cool with it. It’s only 60 seconds and 5 tracks, so why not give it a go?
The test part of the title for this post is because I’m testing whether this will post to twitter or fail like it did last time.
What a joyful life.

Sound-Design, Music-Creation – how can I benefit you?

I’ve started a series of #Periscope videos talking about what I do best. Music, composition, sound-design and developing music and sound for apps, podcasters, radio, TV, film and the rest of the world. Here is the first video I was actually able to save and make work properly.
It had few comments at the time, but I hope this will serve as a legacy, and a ground for you to ask questions about what I can do for your business, if you are involved in any of the above.

my rather strange synesthesia?

Message to Apple CEO, tim Cook

Evacuation of The Guardian Building, potential suspicious package detected.

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