Love it or hate it, #Periscope is the new black. what I think it can do for you.

Beauty in Quiet Moments – and a test

Here’s a track.

Along with that, is a split of that track for remixing purposes, to see if anyone can do something cool with it. It’s only 60 seconds and 5 tracks, so why not give it a go?
The test part of the title for this post is because I’m testing whether this will post to twitter or fail like it did last time.
What a joyful life.

Sound-Design, Music-Creation – how can I benefit you?

I’ve started a series of #Periscope videos talking about what I do best. Music, composition, sound-design and developing music and sound for apps, podcasters, radio, TV, film and the rest of the world. Here is the first video I was actually able to save and make work properly.
It had few comments at the time, but I hope this will serve as a legacy, and a ground for you to ask questions about what I can do for your business, if you are involved in any of the above.

my rather strange synesthesia?

Message to Apple CEO, tim Cook

Evacuation of The Guardian Building, potential suspicious package detected.

Much addo about food, apparently. Contains two noisy childrens.

Sheesy Sounds Walk into a Bar… A great many of them at that:

Two Drives: One broken, one not…

Boomstonia: At the house of @JakobRosin.

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