Alice Birthday to you! Yep, that’s what I sang because I’m crazy like that.

I continue to be wowed by the microphone in this thing.

Fully Charged: But not Blindly charging ahead:

Here’s my episode of Fully Charged, in which I get to ride in a Tesla Model S alongside Robert Llewellyn (@BobbyLlew and explain that although yes, electric cars *can* be dangerous for blind people, if both driver and pedestrian are careful, and so long as the car makes noise, it’s no different than a standard petrol or diesel offering.
Robert is ridiculously amusing and made me feel right at home, if it’s possible to feel at home in a car, anyway. Meeting him felt like connecting with a long-lost friend. He’s as mad as I am in the best kind of way, and I hope there will be opportunities to work together on future projects.
All I can say at this point is simply: Sit back and henjoy de Video!

Small people wake up like big people, without the shouting of ‘oh bugger off dad!’

iPhone 6s informal demo: 3D Touch, Live photo’s from a #VoiceOver Perspective:

A chat with Jake and Alice after Jake’s 6th birthday party

Early morning iPhone 6s observations with @mooncat86:

Andre Louis: Interviewed by Carson Small on VOB 92.9 FM #Barbados, Aug 23 2015:

Sea sounds and Ambiance from #Heywoods #Beach, #Barbados, August 24, 2015:

Afternoon sounds and other noises from #Barbados, August 23, 2015:

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