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It was stupid to begin with, but this benefits me hugely, as I can upload *real* content over there at long-last, in the proper orientation.

STRAYLIGHT Walkthrough | Native Instruments via @YouTube

.@Matt02392 et al, you may enjoy this playlist.
Owd grandad piggott via @YouTube

The best music you gig is that which you thoroughly enjoy during rehearsals and listening back afterwards as well. I have a gig on Sunday (on a boat of all things) and relistening to the last rehearsal literally fills me with joy because the tracks are so damn good.

A trip @JakobRosin, his mother and myself took to a Science Museum in #Estonia on Dec 27 2014.

Just testing from the fire, nothing to see here

Alice and Mummy in the garden cleaning out the guinea pigs

The lady without a key that came to my door:

Avoid #GamesHaus like the plague! Disreputable SMS company

Recently, I went through my bill with a fine-toothed comb and I’m certainly glad I did. Had I not done so, I wouldn’t have realised that I was being charged for messages I did not ask for, did not subscribe to, and most definitely did not click on to initiate.
Given that the device they came to is in fact, an EE 4G modem, that would prove somewhat difficult.
To respond to messages, it is necessary to log into the device, talk to it via http, click on SMS and in other words, go out of your way to do so.
The device itself has an absolutely huge amount of buttons… Two.
Power, and WPS.
With those, it is impossible to send, receive or even view texts, so I call BS. I call it loud and I call it clearly.

What this boils down to, is that the below email is completely, utterly, totally, inarguably BS of the highest order and I’m posting it here publicly so that people are made aware of the lengths companies will go to, to make money.
Avoid GamesHaus in any shape or form wherever possible, and tell your friends and family to do so as well.
They are disreputable, they cheat and they succeed in spamming people less diligent than I am.
If you happen to have a device such as the EE Osprey or Osprey Mini and you think ‘surely nobody would be silly enough to send texts to it or expect me to respond if they did’ check and check again. Check your bills and out-of-plan charges to be very sure that this is in fact, correct.

< ----Message---->
Hello ,

We have received a request from your carrier asking us to email you
regarding a complaint.

You have successfully been unsubscribed. Please find a free message on your
handset confirming this.
For your convenience I have blocked all future initiations from this number.

Using your device you have clicked on an advertising banner which was
advertising the GameHaus subscription service where you can access and
play browser based games on your smartphone or tablet.

Once selected the payment page is then displayed, where it detailed the
cost of joining the service and the weekly subscription amount, and the
help desk number.

There is also an icon of your mobile telephone carrier with the words ‘pay
with *your carrier* ‘ next to the icon.

Once the ‘SUBSCRIBE/PAY NOW/PURCHASE’ button next to the payment
information is clicked, only then are you subscribed.

The next page advises ‘you are now subscribed’ and how to commence using
the service

If you are requesting a refund I am able to have a once off refund provided
via PayPal.

Please provide your money received PayPal address.

As our initiation sequence has been completed directly on the handset, is
compliant with the industry guidelines and endorsed by your carrier (our
third party billing partner) and each of the messages we have released to
this number as an active member advise of our help desk number and stop sms
number future refunds can not be offered.
< ----Message---->

good morning from bed.

out with the old, in with the new boo!

Alice Birthday to you! Yep, that’s what I sang because I’m crazy like that.

I continue to be wowed by the microphone in this thing.

Fully Charged: But not Blindly charging ahead:

Here’s my episode of Fully Charged, in which I get to ride in a Tesla Model S alongside Robert Llewellyn (@BobbyLlew and explain that although yes, electric cars *can* be dangerous for blind people, if both driver and pedestrian are careful, and so long as the car makes noise, it’s no different than a standard petrol or diesel offering.
Robert is ridiculously amusing and made me feel right at home, if it’s possible to feel at home in a car, anyway. Meeting him felt like connecting with a long-lost friend. He’s as mad as I am in the best kind of way, and I hope there will be opportunities to work together on future projects.
All I can say at this point is simply: Sit back and henjoy de Video!

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