Drums and other such noises from #OSX #GarageBand, the rest from hardware synths. I call it, Woohoo!

Very brief meeting with Alexander O’Neal before a show in the Quality Hotel With @JakobRosin:

#Recorded #Phone #Scam: Don’t fall for companies claiming to be from #Microsoft Technical Support.

#AudioMo Day30: Let’s end the month with some Djembe drummers:

#AudioMo Day29: Windy, isn’t it?

#AudioMo Day28: Newton’s Cradle – the sounds of bangs:

#AudioMo Day27: The Singing Bowl Choirette with @DXLM1:

#AudioMo Day26: Playing a Kalimba with @dxlm1:

#AudioMo Day25: Dwayne (@DXLM1) the Human Screen Reader:

#AudioMo Day24: Part of a train journey between London Paddington and Swansea in Wales:

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an English keyboardist/pianist with his own off-the-cuff creative style, makes "copyleft" music for the masses, and is a fun new source of universal entropy.