FreakyFwoof Shorts Promo produced by @JakobRosin:

Lizard in a blizard: The strangest track I think I’ve ever written.

Harder to play than #FlappyBird, more addictive than bacon, getting #Siri to say ‘At the tone, the time will be…’

Happy Jake day, because Valentines is just boring!

#RecEv: Some sounds from #Easyjet flight 8445 from #London #Gatwick to #Tallinn #Estonia:

Ambiance on a plane, from Estonia to London

Good morning and goodbye from #Estonia.

After dinner recording with some very nice people. Oh, and good food. #Estonia

oh yes, you can do odd stuff with airplay… @jakobrosin

#RecEv: @MrJake21 aged 2, on Christmas Eve 2011. How times have changed:

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an English keyboardist/pianist with his own off-the-cuff creative style, makes "copyleft" music for the masses, and is a fun new source of universal entropy.