A collection of scanner recordings taken between 5 Feb 2013 and Jun 22 2015.
All were recorded with an Icom R6 hand-held scanner, and most contain some wonderful behind-the-scenes newsroom audio from around the 442 mHz range. At the time of recording these, I lived on the 9th floor of a tower-block, so reception was great. Now I don't, so reception is not great...
This collection has some absolutely wonderful audio you'll probably never hear anywhere else, so enjoy it. Pre-news broadcasts from BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, live feeds from helicopters flying over events as they happen, and much, much more.
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[SND]ITN PCR 5 cleanfeed 1.mp32013-03-07 18:13 33K 
[SND]HelloRichard.mp32013-04-13 11:00 42K 
[SND]Morse code.mp32014-03-03 12:30 42K 
[SND]This is clean feed ident from ITN MCR.mp32013-02-25 08:49 58K 
[SND]This is cleanfeed 1 from ITN sound control 1.mp32013-02-13 19:22 83K 
[SND]This is cleanfeed 8 from ITN sound control 1.mp32013-03-03 17:25 86K 
[SND]This is cleanfeed 3 from ITN sound control 1.mp32013-02-26 13:06 90K 
[SND]This is the reverse sound circuit from ITN London.mp32013-06-07 09:03 91K 
[SND]This is the IFB circuit from ITN London.mp32014-10-27 09:51 91K 
[SND]This is the IFC from ITN London.mp32014-09-11 15:59 95K 
[SND]This is cleanfeed 2 from ITN sound control 1.mp32013-02-13 20:42 97K 
[SND]This is cleanfeed 5 from ITN sound control 1.mp32013-02-27 13:51 97K 
[SND]This is cleanfeed 7 from ITN sound control 1.mp32013-07-23 16:37 97K 
[SND]ITN PCR 5 cleanfeed 3.mp32013-02-26 17:35 97K 
[SND]This is cleanfeed 6 from ITN sound control 1.mp32013-03-14 19:09 100K 
[SND]This is the cleanfeed circuit from ITN MCR.mp32015-06-22 09:22 100K 
[SND]This is the IFB circuit from ITN London2.mp32015-03-02 11:14 102K 
[SND]20130523 BBC Scottish counting.mp32013-05-23 20:43 103K 
[SND]This is the reverse program circuit from ITN London.mp32013-06-20 13:29 106K 
[SND]This is cleanfeed 1 from ITN sound control 6.mp32013-03-03 19:37 107K 
[SND]Video A ident 1.mp32014-03-02 17:52 112K 
[SND]This is the reverse program ident from ITN MCR London.mp32013-04-16 08:36 123K 
[SND]20130323 News reader pretending to be American tourist.mp32013-03-23 12:55 128K 
[SND]This is the cleanfeed ident from ITN MCR London.mp32013-03-08 12:50 130K 
[SND]This is the cleanfeed circuit from ITN MCR London.mp32013-06-15 12:16 132K 
[SND]Good Morning Britain Cleanfeed 4 for the Home Office.mp32014-07-29 08:24 138K 
[SND]20140506 BBC calling out to the helicopter on 442.mp32014-05-06 15:21 156K 
[SND]This is the cleenfeed circuit for Westminster Abby for the World War One celebration.mp32014-08-04 19:06 159K 
[SND]Global Radio London ident.mp32014-03-08 09:16 176K 
[SND]This is cleanfeed 4 from ITN sound control 1.mp32013-02-20 18:59 190K 
[SND]This is the cleanfeed circuit from ITN London.mp32013-02-13 15:37 215K 
[SND]20130226 Random stuff.mp32013-02-26 14:36 241K 
[SND]20130515 BBC television London ident - Huw Edwards.mp32013-06-06 08:38 318K 
[SND]20130303 Random stuff.mp32013-03-03 19:49 612K 
[SND]20130523 Estonian morning on the radio..mp32013-05-23 12:19 713K 
[SND]20141020 BBC London - Riz Lateef gets battery for Wendy Hurrell's microphone.mp32014-10-21 07:11 849K 
[SND]20140404 Random BBC stuff about news helicopter.mp32014-04-05 08:00 1.1M 
[SND]20140822 Arabic.mp32014-08-22 14:30 1.8M 
[SND]20141120 Lauderdale Tower to news helicopter.mp32014-11-20 15:48 2.1M 
[SND]20140812 Millbank Tower talking to Helicopter.mp32014-08-12 22:17 2.2M 
[SND]20141111 bbc behind the scenes for remembrance day.mp32014-11-11 16:02 2.6M 
[SND]20140110 BBC Southampton Hub.mp32014-01-10 19:06 2.6M 
[SND]20130226 Pre BBC London news broadcast.mp32013-02-26 18:59 3.0M 
[SND]20130208 Loose Women.mp32013-02-08 12:09 3.7M 
[SND]20130529 BBC MCR2 with incredibly poor mic technique.mp32013-05-29 16:51 5.2M 
[SND]20130520 Pre BBC London news broadcast.mp32013-05-20 17:59 5.3M 
[SND]20130208 5 news.mp32013-02-08 17:15 5.7M 
[SND]20141003 Evening sounds from BBC News Room.mp32014-10-04 08:42 6.1M 
[SND]20141023 BBC World 100 Women.mp32014-10-23 19:24 7.0M 
[SND]20130224 ITV News.mp32013-02-24 18:30 7.9M 
[SND]Unknown cab company, 19th December 2013.mp32013-12-20 09:48 9.2M 
[SND]20150510 Lots of live stuff.mp32015-05-11 12:56 9.7M 
[SND]20140504 BBC London news pre-broadcast, random chat and news broadcast.mp32014-05-04 19:17 12M 
[SND]20130212 ITV News.mp32013-02-12 14:20 13M 
[SND]20131030 BBC London News room rehearsal and part of program.mp32013-10-30 21:54 13M 
[SND]20130206 BBC News.mp32013-02-06 19:03 14M 
[SND]20130408 Very busy BBC Studio.mp32013-04-08 18:28 17M 
[SND]20130213 Pre ITV London News +full broadcast.mp32013-02-13 19:14 22M 
[SND]20130207 ITV News.mp32013-02-07 18:58 26M 
[SND]20130207 5 news stuff.mp32013-02-07 17:38 28M 
[SND]20130523 BBC World.mp32013-05-23 14:56 35M 
[SND]20130205 ITN scanner stuff.mp32013-02-05 20:05 36M 
[SND]20150508 BBC Studios.mp32015-05-08 14:32 57M 

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