My Projects

My first ever album, A State Of Mind I have finally after years of creating music, decided to publish my first ever album. A State of Mind is available to buy from CdBAby by clicking the above link. From the album notes: Smooth, contemplative jazz for your mind to cogitate on, these 19 instrumental tracks are designed to take you on a journey through your personal world.

The link to my new and old albums on iTunes. Here you will find my first album, second album, ‘The Podcasters’ Collection’ which is a collection of short tracks specifically designed as production elements, and a handful of singles.

Radio Beds *These are completely free and are not Copyrighted. Also, they are updated often, so continue to check back regularly. To download the entire directory in one go, click here.

Ninjam Creations Some things I have made on Ninjam which is a cool Program for Musicians.

Sound Scheme Anyone bored of the standard windows sound scheme? Try this out! Something I put together in about 5 hours. No more 8-bit sounds! Every sound is at 44.1 khz, and over 3 quarters are stereo! With sounds for AIM, MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, and all the other standard windows functions, this is a must have, for the windows user, and especially one that likes sounds! Currently with 52 sounds, I can easily add more, for applications people want. Composed purely by myself. A big thanks to Sean Farrow for making an installer that works now too!

* All I ask is if you use anything, please tell me you did so I know how you used it.

Other Artists

DJ TT He is a Swedish Mashup artist who uses my music in very fun and twisted ways. He even made a giant mix of several of my pieces called The Torbus so check that out if you want a 45-Minute preview of the many styles of music I have created.

Bryan Smart He’s a Black guy in a White guy’s body! This dude gives Me and GF a run for our money when it comes to rythemes that in the R&B world, kick much backside!