Audio Downloads

Below are audio features and tutorials.

Filename Description
qwstut01.mp3 QWS tutorial part 1 - introduction, basic playing and recording, onscreen keyboard. (21 mins, 29 MB)
qwstut02.mp3 QWS tutorial part 2 - setting up external devices, local and thru,more recording. (22 mins, 30 MB)
qwstut03.mp3 QWS tutorial part 3 - introduction to editing, quantise, transpose, note editor. (27 mins, 37 MB)
qwstut04.mp3 QWS tutorial part 4 - The event list, instrument lists, keyboard commands, copy and paste. (30 mins, 41 MB)
qwstut05.mp3 QWS tutorial part 5 - The tools. (32 mins, 44 MB)
qwstut06.mp3 QWS tutorial part 6 - Recording techniques and markers. (21 mins, 29 MB)
QWS_VST.mp3 How to use QWS with VST instruments. (24 mins, 32 MB)
QWS_Notexfm_demo.mp3 Demonstration of the Note Transform tool by Andre Louis. (12 mins, 28 MB)
qws.ogg An older audio tutorial by Andre Louis demonstrating several features of QWS. (70 mins, 29.7 MB)