Instrument List Downloads

Below are instrument lists that you can use with QWS. Several of these lists have been submitted by QWS users and are supplied here in good faith. The author expresses thanks.

To use these lists, simply unzip them to your QWS folder. Then go into the Options -> Instrument List dialog to select the list.

Filename Description

Standard lists

inst_std.zip Standard GM, GM2, GS and XG instrument lists.


inst_cdp200r.zip Instrument list for Casio CDP200R.


inst_multisynth.zip Instrument list for Edirol HQ Orchestral, Super Quartet and Lounge Lizard 3 EP.
inst_sd80.zip Instrument list for Edirol SD-80/90.


inst_prot2000.zip Instrument list for E-Mu Proteus 2000.
inst_protvx.zip Instrument list for E-Mu Proteus VX.


inst_ktr.zip Instrument list for Korg Triton rack.
inst_x5.zip Instrument lists for Korg X5 and X5D synths.


inst_exr-7s.zip Instrument list for Roland EXR-7S.
inst_fa.zip Instrument list for Roland FA6/8.
inst_fx.zip Instrument list for Roland Fantom-X series synths.
inst_juno.zip Instrument lists for Roland Juno-G and Juno-Stage.
inst_jv.zip Instrument list for Roland JV synths.
inst_xv.zip Instrument lists for Roland XV synths.
inst_sc.zip Instrument list for Roland/Edirol SC-55, SC-88, SC-88 pro and SC-8820/50.
inst_srx.zip Additional lists of SRX patches for compatible Roland synths. Insert relevant sections to another list.


inst_motif.zip Instrument lists for Yamaha Motif Classic, Motif ES, Motif ES-Rack, Motif XS and Motif XF.
inst_mu100.zip Instrument list for Yamaha MU-100.
inst_psr_3000.zip Instrument lists for Yamaha PSR-1500, PSR-3000 and DGX-205.
inst_psr_e403.zip Instrument list for Yamaha PSR-E323 and PSR-E403.
inst_psr_s500.zip Instrument list for Yamaha PSR-S500
inst_tyros.zip Instrument lists for Yamaha Tyros 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.